Baron Von Alias

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Baron Von Alias

Buzzbands search for the best emerging acts brings us this month to the magnificent Baron Von Alias.

To a lot of people the prospect of a moustachioed Victorian Geordie rapper in top hat and sunglasses might seem a tad strange for the world of hip hop. However, there’s nothing strange about the impressive track record he has built up over the last couple of years with over 3 albums worth of material, featuring collaborations with such hip hop and dance music heavyweights as Foreign Beggars.

Look under the top hat and you’ll find an artist committed to high production values, a serious level of creativity and attention to the craft of songwriting which means instant hooks, singalong anthemic choruses and as a live experience a seriously good time guaranteed for all.

You’ve recently played a couple of big festivals and there’s been a lot of interest around the release of your latest single Move Over. What’s happening right now in the world of Baron Von Alias?

Well, since the whole BBC gig things have really picked up and there’s been a heck of a lot going on lately, working on new music as always. Aiming for something a bit different this time round with MistaBreeze with a heap of new tracks on the horizon. Just loads of gigs and just generally in a good place right now!

There is a history of larger than life characters in music. I’m thinking Elton John or Freddie Mercury where natural aspects of their personality are exaggerated to help put on a good show. It’s not much of a stretch of imagination for Elton John to put on a pair of Dame Edna glasses or a Donald Duck costume or for Freddie Mercury to do the glittery spandex number but for a lad from Seghill Northumberland to take on the mantle of a Victorian nobleman with top hat, sunglasses and fake moustache that’s some journey. What inspired you to create the Baron Von Alias Character?

Baron Von Alias is who I am, there’s nothing fake about it, I was born in 1805 in Newcastle. With the help of my trusty time piece I can control time and space and travel to any era I desire, beginning when I was sentenced to hang for being accused of witchcraft back in 1830 (False accusations I may add), I flipped the lid on the pocket watch and was propelled through time, where my eyes were slightly damaged during this first time travel experience with the bright lights, so I have since donned a pair of lovely shades to protect me a little bit you see, and there’s nowt fake about my tash I’ll have you know! I definitely think that right here and now is a time that could do with a little jig up.

Baron Von Alias is a very strong character visually and in your music videos you have been through a few twists and turns. I’m thinking of the Mad Hatter in Devils rejects and the shellsuit Baron in Get Wild Gan Mental. There definitely seems to be a surreal darker element in there to counterbalance the humour. Can you tell us where this comes from?

I think it just comes from a lot of different places really, I love a bit of classic stop motion freaky puppet animation and dark twisted fairytale stories and also eighties hip hop and the whole image, so I think that pretty much sums up those two things you mentioned, but there’s just so many influences from over many years that all come into what I do, from the visuals to the lyrics to the humour I like to chuck a bit of all of it in the bowl and see what comes out really.

You have produced a series of brilliant music videos which deserve to be massive on Youtube. They’re chockablock with good ideas and have very impressive production values.
Can you spend a bit of time telling us a bit about each video, its influences and/or references and about how you choose an idea for a video and what is the production process?


This video was probably one of the easiest and quickest to make, Steesh the man behind the beats and all the videos just knocked this one up very quickly. We filmed through the whole track a few times at Banana Studios in Newcastle and he just had the idea to throw in some anime style strange cartoon versions of myself throughout the video to keep it interesting, and it came out a treat with a lot of people really loving that one, although it’s definitely one of the more reserved videos it seems to have grabbed a bit of attention.

Get Wild Gan Mental

Well….. where do I start. Basically the whole idea came from the line about breeze being supernanny so we decided to dress me as a baby and MistaBreeze as my nanny, the worst tranny nanny in the world. Force feeding me from his fake breasts and standing up hitchin up his skirt at the toilet haha. We just wanted it to be totally weird and stand out from the crowd with very different visuals from the normal music videos, and to portray our warped sense of humour and what we are all about really, which is just having fun with what we do whilst going a bit crazy along the way. There are so many references to things in that video I could be on all day, I recommend just taking a look for yourselves and you will see lol.


We wanted this one to look dark and eerie and a bit freaky in the dark, like down some old mineshaft that’s in the middle of some earthquake or something. There’s elements of REC the film in there too I think near the start, it’s just influenced by a lot of movies and things really. There’s a lot more play with effects and the visuals in this one I think, we just wanted this to look a bit spooky and creepy down in the dark wet tunnel with only a small light to keep things illuminated.


The concept of this song is about people being too scared to step outside their front doors, in fear of the kids on the streets or the crime the see on the news etc. and the battle in your mind which can often get the better of you. Making you a recluse in your own home afraid to open the front door or interact with anyone. We just tried to portray a little bit of that madness in the video and everyone seems to say they cant stop watching it even though it’s just me in a room with a chair they couldn’t take their eyes off it, which can only be a good thing.

Its OK

I think our love for zombie films definitely comes out in this one, with the whole video idea being like a little short film, starting with titles etc like a movie and turns into a full on chase from the living dead. I will not reveal how it pans out so people will go and check it, but it’s a frantic but comedic video that many have said was our best. But we leave those decisions to you, I think from watching it you can definitely see how our influences affected the video. We always just think up so many ideas for videos we want to keep each one so far left of the last one so it’s constantly a surprise for people who check them.

Devils Rejects

The whole idea for this video was inspired in my head by a line in my verse, ‘a fairytale warped by a scorched corpse trail’ which just threw a whole load of visuals into my head, mainly of warped fairytales. That’s where the whole Alice in Wonderland theme came from, which then incorporated a touch of Pinnochio in there as well for good measure. It’s just another freaky thing about dolls coming to life and that’s always a bit weird isn’t it. But we just threw it all in the mixer and blended the two ideas together and filmed it in the dark misty woods haha. I think that still stands as one of the best videos for originality and humour.

Outside In

This was the first ever Baron & Mista music video we worked on, it may show in the video as it’s quite tame in comparison to the others, and maybe even a little ordinary? Haha but I still really like that video and track. It was filmed in and around Newcastle on a cold day in January making the most of the snowy scenery, which is highlighted even more with the black and white effect. It is what it is with that video, the subject matter of the song sort of required it to be a bit more normal I think, but it’s still a great video!

You’re performing and recording with Mista Breeze but there doesn’t exactly seem to be a massive North East Hip Hop scene. Are there any acts locally that you think people should look out for?

I agree the scene isn’t massive but its growing slowly and surely with a lot more determined characters being uncovered, who look like they are pushing a bit harder than the others before them to get noticed. Most the local acts I’ve been noticing lately from our gigs have been a lot of the local bands, Polarsets, Vinyl Jacket, Mausi, Viva City I’ve enjoyed a lot of these acts performances, of course there are so many more but I think they are a few who have grabbed my attention and have been making a few waves.

Which artists have influenced your music?

So many artists have influenced my music, from all genres and all times, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Motown, Run DMC, Beastie Boys to name but a few of the musical inspirations over the years, basically everything I like has an influence on what I create.

Obviously the Baron Von Alias persona is a whole bunch of fun but there is a serious side to what you do. Can you tell us how you approach the music from a production point of view.

What production setup do you use?

Well I tend to leave all the production duties to Arhat my producer from the Netherlands and closer to home, local producer Steesh usually keeps the supply of beats coming for me to write to.

Are there particular producers you admire?

I’ve always been a fan of the oldies like Rick Rubin, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Dilla all those similar names that represent real hip hop beats, that’s what I love and always will, I miss those days, you don’t really hear beats like those that used to really grab you anymore, it’s a shame.

You use a lot of samples in your music. How do you go about finding interesting samples?

Like I said earlier, I tend to leave production duties to Steesh generally, he samples a lot and also makes original pieces. I think he began creating beats through just chopping up existing tunes and creating something new from a piece of music. He basically developed his skills from there as far as I know which gives him a lot of experience finding a good sample I’m sure!

When putting a track together, what usually comes first the lyrics or the music?

For me I’ll get the beats sent to me from Steesh, Arhat or whoever and I’ll sit down with the piece of music and see what it conjures up, usually if the track makes me visualize something or a story or just scenes in my mind then it’s usually when it all begins and I get to work, if the beat doesn’t do this then I tend to work on something else.

You have collaborated with an impressive range of hip hop and dance acts, how did these collaborations come about?

The bulk of the collaborations all came about through the old fashioned thing we called Myspace if you remember it, it was great. Just messaging artists and people you knew of through their music and actually getting directly to them and being able to chat with them was amazing, which is how most of them came about really, chatting and working ideas out online, via email etc.

Are there any more in the pipeline you can tell us about.

There are a few more collaborations on the solo album which is getting finished up, but is on hold for the time being while I finish up a few things with MistaBreeze. It will be back to the old school feel and some real hip hop, with a few features such as MED, Oh No, T3, Prince Po, Melanie Rutherford and a few more I’ll keep secret for now, I’m hoping people will enjoy this one as its been put on the backburner for a few years now, since 2009 most of the tracks were made but never finished. So I guess it’s a long time coming compared to most my other releases.

Who are the artists you would most like to work with?

Mainly all my idols in hip hop and music generally, a track with the Beastie Boys would be the icing on the cake I think, would be insane. But there are so many, producers and artists I would love to work with, but I’ll stick with the Beastie Boys because after the comparisons from spectators at our live shows I think it would be a match made in heaven haha.

Looking at the massive success of acts like Madness who I think you have a lot in common with in terms of approach, how far do you feel you can take Baron Von Alias?

After gaining the attention of the BBC Introducing and putting us in the limelight at the Radio One Big Weekend, I think that pretty much answers your question, we can take this all the way and shove it right in everyone’s faces, if we can grab their attention enough to put us on a gig as big as that then its pretty much ours for the taking if we can go about things in the right way as far as I’m concerned.

Can you tell us anything about the album you are currently working on?

Well I’m currently working on an EP with MistaBreeze which we are looking to get out there and all over the place as much as possible so look out for that soon, something to get everyone’s attention then follow it up consistently showing we have what it takes, which will fingers crossed get us some radio play and a lot more attention. Aside from that there is the Baron Von Alias solo album which is coming together slowly in the background.

When can we expect it to be available?

I’m hoping to have the EP finished up and out there in the next couple of months, and the Baron solo album before the end of the year would be nice but just have to wait an see how things go, we might get snapped up before then and I might never get to release that solo album haha

Any more live shows lined up?

We are always working on getting more gigs around the country, as wherever we have performed we have literally stolen the show according to spectators. Things couldn’t be going down better at the shows from the feedback we are getting. We have a headline gig arranged for 15th December at Riverside in Newcastle on the Quayside alongside Rossi Noise. But watch this space for more gigs to be announced in the run up between now and then.

Anything else to declare?

I declare this interview a success and a privilege to have been part of, thank you kindly and don’t forget to check out the videos and music online, just search ‘Baron Von Alias’ and you will be sweet.
Thanks again, cheerio for now!

BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend – Get Wild Gan Mental (Live)

BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend – Ignite (Live)

BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend – Bravado (Live)


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