Polarsets – Interview

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Polarsets

Can you take us back to what first got you into music, and what inspired you to start writing your own songs.

Reckon like anyone else we just started listening to music at a young age. To some people it’s just a way to relax but then to others it’s something you want to become more involved in. Started to learn instruments and anyone who plays has tried to write a little. Again, some folk are happy to just leave it as a hobby but we’re a little bit obsessed with it – just always trying to better the tunes. It’s sneaky like that, one day you pick up a guitar and the next thing you know you’re answering questions for a blog.

For anyone who hasn’t heard your music how would you describe it?

Melodic. Tropical. Electronic. Indie.

Where did the name Polarsets come from?

We all wanted a one-word name that was easily searchable. Took us about a month to think of Polarsets. It could reflect the opposing (polar) ideas that have been brought together in (sets) our music. But it probably doesn’t. It’s just a name.

You’ve had a good year so far, what have been the highlights and what are you looking forward to for later in the year?

We loved releasing Sunshine Eyes through Kitsune. We also had a great time touring the U.K earlier this year. Coming up we have the ‘Morning’ single launch on the 12th of August at the Cluny in Newcastle that we’re really excited for. We’re also touring aboard in October for the first time, and playing a killer show at the end of October that we can’t speak about just yet. It’s going to be crazy.

You’ve recently played a couple of gigs in London. How did they go?

We’ve done two London shows and they both went well. One of them was a Neon Gold party and they’ve ended up releasing our next single so we must have done ok. It’s always a treat to be in the capital for a day. Wouldn’t want to stay too long though.

How did the deal with Kitsune come about and more recently Moda and Neon Gold?

By creating Electronic Pop.

Tell us about your new single Morning. How did the song come about?

We wanted to do something a little different. We had the idea to have a repetitive rhythmic synth underpin the whole song and to build and break upon it. The idea for it took a couple of hours. The arrangement took weeks to get right.

You just made at video for Morning. How did that go?

Really well. We’d never worked with Flashlight Films before but they are creating really great videos at the moment. We really like videos built around a simple idea and we don’t like the traditional ‘here’s us playing our instruments’ type videos. The idea for Morning was to have us writing and arranging the song whilst others (animals) showed the various parts coming in and out. We built up the whole set the night before. The sofa is Edwardian. We’re still pretty new to the music video thing but we had a laugh making it.

Music from the North East is attracting a lot of attention at the moment with the help of organizations like Generator and Amazing Radio based in Newcastle. How much do you feel a part of the North East music scene? Which bands would you recommend checking out?

Check out:

Let’s Buy Happiness
Mammal Club
Grandfather Birds
Vinyl Jacket
Tomahawks For Targets
Athletes In Paris

What influences have helped shape your music?

We listen to lots of Latin music and nick rhythms from it. We mentioned once that we loved Gwen Stefani which people seem to find interesting. We all write and we all have different influences, listen to the music and you’ll figure it out.

With the growth of music sharing on the internet it’s much easier to discover new music through platforms such as Soundcloud or Spotify. Have you made any new musical discoveries you can recommend?

We tend to stumble across great new bands whenever we play a festival. We love playing unsigned type stages just because the music tends to be much more interesting and you find real ‘sound of tomorrow’ types. We’d give a listen to Alt-J, DEMS, Unicorn Kid, Admiral Fallow, Anoraak

Where can people see you live next ?

‘Where can’t people see us live?’ is the question. We’re heading over to the Peak District next for Y-Not Fest on the 5th of August then straight up to Belladrum on the 6th. And, of course there’s the all important single launch for ‘Morning’ on 12th August at the Cluny in Newcastle to kick start the Morning tour. Check out http://www.polarsets.com for up to date tour listings

5th August YNOT FESTIVAL, Peak District

6th August BELLADRUM, Near Inverness

11th August LEICESTER, O2 Academy

12th August NEWCASTLE, The Cluny ‘Morning Single Launch’ – 8pm £5

27th August GALTRES FESTIVAL, York

1st September NEWCASTLE, Riverside

14th September LEICESTER, Soundhouse

15th September SOUTHAMPTON, UNIT

16th September BATH, Moles

17th September SOUTHSEA FESTIVAL, Portsmouth

23rd September BIRMINGHAM, Rainbow

24th September UNDERGROUND FESTIVAL, Gloucester

25th September STOKE, Sugarmill

29th September DERBY, Victoria Inn

30th September TUNBRIDGE WELLS, Forum

4th October LUXEMBOURG, Rockhal

6th October HAMBURG, Molotow Bar

8th October BERLIN, Karrera Klub

10th October PARIS, Nouveau Casino

13th October LIVERPOOL, Shipping Forecast

14th October DARLINGTON, Inside Out

17th October MANCHESTER, Fac251

18th October WREXHAM, Central Station

19th October SHEFFIELD, Forum

20th October LEEDS, Cockpit

21st October SCARBOROUGH, PS1

22nd October MIDDLESBROUGH, Empire

What’s next for Polarsets ?

Well, I guess we’ll be riding the Morning wave following its release for some time. Who knows what happens after that… another single? an album? world domination? Buy the single and you might help make that decision.


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