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Posted: July 27, 2011 in Francophilippe

I recently caught up with up and coming French Electro artist Francophilippe, currently receiving a lot of attention with the release of his first single “Only After Midnight” on Velcro City Records on 27th July. The Vodge Diper remix of the track is currently just outside the top 30 in the Electro House Chart on Beatport.
Only after Midnight (Original Version)

Only after Midnight (Vodge Diper Remix)

I began by asking him about what originally drew him to French Electro.

I started listening to Daft Punk at a very early age. My brother had the album ‘Homework’ playing at his flat and he was starting to mess around with drum machines. I took to this sound very quickly and I guess this was my introduction to French House music.

Who or what inspired you to start making music yourself?

I began making music at around 15 but different to what I make now, I liked guitars and drums in my teen years. There have been lots of inspirations from DJ Shadow to Radiohead, Prince to Wu-tang etc. but I always enjoyed creative arts as a child so music seemed to be the next natural step.

Which artists have influenced you and why?

Daft Punk are certainly the strongest influence on the music I make now. They have combined everything I like about music at some point or other and their trademark sound is still what every French electro artist tries to emulate today. They definitely rewrote the rulebook when it came to electro/house music and made it liberating for the new wave of FE producers.

What is your setup for music production?

I keep it real simple. I use Ableton, running on a PC with an i5 processor (although I have recently ugraded to a Macbook pro) and a pair of Sennheiser HD 25-13 headphones. I just use a basic midi-controller for producing, although I do use a Novation Launchpad and Reloop mixer for live shows.

From a production point of view who’s work do you rate?

Daft Punk obviously, and I really like the dirtier rough and cut-up feel of SebastiAn, Justice also had this vibe on their first album but from what I’ve heard of Civilization those days might have been and gone. Deadmau5 is a technical master, you can hear how much effort goes into building the synths he uses. Madeon deserves a mention, think he just turned 17 the other day! His productions are beyond industry standard.

Who do you think are the up and coming French Electro acts to watch out for?

VanGuard and Madeon stick out for me. They’re both gathering popularity at an amazing rate and they’re both hugely refreshing and original. Madeon will be a superstar before long, VanGuard maybe won’t become a house hold name but will no doubt be a cult artist for French house fans.

You have a single due out in July on Velcro City Records, what’s the deal with them?

I received a large number of label offers for the single so I’m quite proud. I was just about to close the deal with another record company but I got a little worried by a lack of speedy correspondence. Velcro City swooped in at the right time and I think I chose the right label. They’re a US digital label with a strong following and they’re well linked in the electro community, from what I’ve gathered so far.

You collaborated with Once a Thief for Fist n Poon are there any more collaborations in the pipeline?

Well myself and Gareth Denny (Once a Thief) have been messing around with music for over a year now, we’ve always been into the same stuff and he’s probably the only other Electro enthusiast I’m good friends with. Fist n Poon was really intended to just be a live gimmick but we put together some ideas and sampled some funky disco, so we’re actually pretty proud of the few tracks we made for our EP ‘Sex Grooves from the Future’. The track ‘Care for You’ seemed to gather a cult following and was praised by some top electro artists, it’s easily the closest one of my productions will ever come to sounding like Daft Punk.

As far as new projects go, I was just discussing a possible collab with another producer (Lazyboi from LA) this morning but have very little to tell about that currently. I have also been trying to get some tracks sorted with a talented vocalist from Manchester called Markle! He’s sent me some good ideas and great voice cuts but no full songs as of yet. The idea for that would be a Chromeo/Prince meets Glitch-Electro pop thing.

What are your plans for live work?

At the moment I do some DJ stuff, maybe once or twice a month I will play a party or event where I just tend kick out some beachy French filter house ie. Fred Falke, DJ Falcon, Bangalter, that type of thing. I’ve done several live shows where I mix my own material with mash-ups I made of my favourite artists, but I’m still trying to develop these skills. I have discussed a handful of shows abroad in France, Germany and maybe Italy, however I have to be realistic about what I can afford to do for the time being.

There is a very healthy music scene in Newcastle and the North East are there any acts which stand out for you?

It’s certainly growing and I know a good few of the local talents, I don’t want to choose favourites but I have been listening to a fair bit of Grandfather Birds recently, also Bird Island are a new solo project from the Jimmy & The Sounds drummer which I really dig, if you like the lazy surf moods of The xx and The Drums then you’ll probably like his stuff.

Are there any artists locally you would like to work with?

There are A LOT of remixes and collaborations with local artists in the pipeline ☺

And worldwide?

I’ve built up some decent connections in Europe, US and Australia these last few months. So perhaps there will be some more new remixes to follow, of course I’d love to work with my favourite artists but one has to be realistic about that.

What’s next for Francophilippe?

There’s plenty on the cards but I’m just waiting to see what unfolds after my first record is released. More and better live shows is my current aim, I’d love to be playing in Europe a lot this summer and I’m working hard to make this a possibility. In terms of producing, I will probably knock out a couple more small EPs over the next few months but until I feel I’m properly settled in with a good record label, I can’t see a full-length album coming anytime soon. I have to be sensible about my offers and work hard to achieve the best possible situation for this to happen.


My pleasure mate ☺

Free Francophilippe Downloads available below:

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